Daydreams // Thoughts

Space is the place.


Stunts // Tricks

Share those special gifts.


Freedom // Justice

Unrestricted free spirit.


Laughs // Jokes

It takes lots of balls,
to golf the way I do.


Kindness // Empathy

Rendering my best effort to be a good human...
Sometimes, I fail hard.


Beauty // Truth

Discovering a deeper sense of spirituality from
life inside the depths of the natural universe.


Biodiversity // Life

DNA is the common biochemical code...
that connects all life on earth.


Lists // Organizing

Hoping to eliminate a few
loose ends.


Stewardship // Conservation

Let's protect the fuck out
of mother earth.


Peace // Love

All are brothers & sisters...
in this universe of light and life.


Wild Beasts // Grizzlies

Knowing a few grizzly monsters likewise roam the same land...
adds something to the experience of hiking in wilderness.
Namely, carefulness, mindfulness, and respectfulness.


Native Plants // Animals

Turns out that asking Canada thistle to scram
back to Eurasia where it came from… has been a fail.
Naturalized citizen: Cirsium arvense


Costume Parties // Banquets

Mask the fuck up for
the duration of the party.