Educational Values of Public Lands

EDUCATIONAL VALUES Biology, botany, ecology, geology, in addition to a plethora of other environmental subjects, can all be understood better by visiting publicly owned lands. In fact, public lands are actually unbound outdoor classrooms, open to all kinds of new … Read More

Ecological Values of Public Lands

ECOLOGICAL VALUES Maintaining the ecological values inherent to the natural landscape is often a life-or-death proposition for legions of our native wildlife species, who’ve come to depend on contemporary human efforts to conserve wild and undeveloped regions, for habitat they … Read More

THE BOB MARSHALL WILDERNESS COMPLEX | A Final Refuge for Native Wildlife & Sanctuary for Dreaded Grizzly Bears ∗ Beautiful Animals or Untamed Wild Barbarians?

The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex encompasses three neighboring wilderness areas that have been designated into the U.S. National Wilderness Preservation System
Outside of Alaska, the complex preserves habitat for native grizzly bears, some of the last spaces still left for these creatures to roam wild in the United States.

“The philosophy that progress is proportional to the amount of alteration imposed upon nature, never seemed to have occurred to the Indians.” – Bob Marshall
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Introduction… “Take a Hike” Stewardship Project

“TAKE A HIKE” The Multiple Values of Public Lands and Wilderness STEWARDSHIP PROJECT Established to Defend the Values of U.S. Public Lands CONTENTS 10 Stewardship Objectives 10 “Take a Hike” Themes 10 “Take a Hike” Segments on Public Lands 10 … Read More

10 “Take a Hike” Project Themes

ARTICLES OF “BEAUTY””Take a Hike” Stewardship Project #1 to #4#1 Artwork → “On the Rocks” Inspired by → Iller Creek Conservation Area “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” – … Read More

If you're a U.S. Citizen... Then you maintain an equal stake and share in ownership of the approximately 640 million acres of National Public Lands found within our nation's borders. State of Discovery is a Platform for Knowledge and Support of our Shared Inheritance and Legacy through Public Land Ownership in the United States.
Public Land Ownership

NATIONAL PUBLIC LAND MANAGING AGENCIESThe American People have entrusted the task of administering our publicly owned lands with four major federal land management agencies. Together these four agencies oversee roughly 610 million, of the 640 million acres of our publicly owned lands in the … Read More


A Voice for Public Lands!

Trail Schedule 6

Trail #42 Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge in Washington Hiking #42 in June 2021 Trace Free Trails Project Artwork “Bear Hug” Quotation John Muir External Links Fish and Wildlife Service Trail #43 Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge in Idaho Hiking … Read More

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