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The "Take a Hike" Stewardship Project was Established to Defend the Values of United States Public Lands

 Introduction to "Take a Hike"

 10 Stewardship Objectives

10 Project Themes

10 "Take a Hike" Hiking Segments

10 "Take a Hike" Art Series

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CATEGORY: Vote for Public Lands - Our Best Idea

Help us elect leaders that are committed to protecting our shared natural heritage in the United States

What are Public Lands?

Why do we have Public Lands?

What can I do on Public Lands?

 Benefits of Public Land Ownership?

Who Manages Public Lands?

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CATEGORY: About Me... Dunc Hazard - Public Lands Artist

Probably out there somewhere in the infinite space...

About Me

Artist Mission Statement

Public Lands Artist Extra

13 Personal Values

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The Multiple Values of Public Lands Ownership in the United States - "Take a Hike" Stewardship Project

"Beauty" Values

"Beauty" Quotes

"Discovery" Values

"Discovery" Quotes

"Human-Kind" Values

"Human-Kind" Quotes

"Perception" Values

"Perception" Quotes

"Curiosity" Values

"Curiosity" Quotes

"Planet Earth" Values

"Planet Earth" Quotes

"River" Values

"Rivers" Quotes

"Wilderness" Values

"Wilderness" Quotes

"Mother Nature" Values

"Mother Nature" Quotes

"TAKE A HIKE" STEWARDSHIP PROJECT: Remarks, records, and video exploits on U.S. public lands

CATEGORY: "TAKE A HIKE" Steward Project - The Hiking Blog

∗ Hiking Remarks ∗

CATEGORY: "Take a Hike" Stewardship Project - Trace Free Trails, Track, and Data

∗ Hiking Records ∗

CATEGORY: "Ted Talks" With Theodore Roosevelt - "Take A Hike" Stewardship Project Video Series

∗ Hiking VLOG ∗

∗ Help write the Book ∗


CATEGORY: "TAKE A HIKE" Project Ambassadors

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PUBLIC LANDS: Citizen Ownership of 640 Million Acres of Public Lands in the United States


The Multiple Values of Public Lands: Ecological, Educational, Scientific, Recreational, Economic, Scenic, Social, Cultural, Spiritual, Health, Ethical, & Intrinsic Values 

∗ The Multiple Values of Public Lands ∗


WILDERNESS ACT - SECTION 2. (a) In order to assure that an increasing population, accompanied by expanding settlement and growing mechanization, does not occupy and modify all areas within the United States and its possessions, leaving no lands designated for preservation and protection in their natural condition, it is hereby declared to be the policy of the Congress to secure for the American people of present and future generations the benefits of an enduring resource of wilderness. SECTION 2. (c). Wilderness, in contrast with those areas where man and his works dominate the landscape, is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.

∗ The Wilderness Act of 1964 ∗

CATEGORY: The Political Threat to American Wilderness

∗ State of the Wilderness ∗



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